Hope For The Future

Lisa Kuwahld - raising money & awareness, fighting for her son to enjoy the future with him.Read more

Living In The Moment

Becky Burnett - how we have worked hard to find ways to keep our son happy, socially included and resilient.Read more

Dealing With Diagnosis

Robyn Pete - the day we took a hit that reshaped our lives. We didn't see it coming.Read more

Luca Buccella - We are the makers of our future

Luca's inspirational speech on living life to the fullRead more

Life as a Disabled Man: What is Normal Anyway?

Jon Hastie is 36 and lives with DuchenneRead more

Alex Johnson: What trial is Jack taking part in?

Alex is often asked whether Jack is taking part in a clinical trial, and if so, which one. Jack has recently enrolled into his fifth clinical trial.Read more

Decipha: patient and parent stories

Decipha work face to face with families and offer a range of assessments and valuable support to boys with DMD and their families. Continue reading for a parent story about Decipha and more information from Nick, the founder of Decipha.Read more

Girls living with Duchenne

Duchenne affects approximately 1 in every 3,500 boys that are born but only around 1 in every 50 million girls. It may be rare, but it does happen. We have been speaking to Feriel, a 26 year old woman living with Duchenne muscular dystrophy. She has written us a short blog about her experiences with Duchenne from diagnosis to now.Read more