Advocacy around the world!

At the beginning of May, Lisa Kuhwald attended the Duchenne Caregivers’ Masterclass in Madrid on behalf of Duchenne UK. Read more

Vici Richardson's blog: Collective collaboration .. the road ahead

Vici Richardson has written a blog about the adult research workshop we hosted on Friday 19th of November in Newcastle with DMD Pathfinders. Read more

Heart to Heart! A blog by Sejal Thakrar – Smile with Shiv

Sejal Thakrar from Smile with Shiv has written a blog discussing the many things they considered when starting their son, Shiv, on heart medication. Sejal highlights the importance of learning as much as possible about Duchenne. Read more

Girls living with Duchenne

Duchenne affects approximately 1 in every 3,500 boys that are born but only around 1 in every 50 million girls. It may be rare, but it does happen. We have been speaking to Feriel, a 26 year old woman living with Duchenne muscular dystrophy. She has written us a short blog about her experiences with Duchenne from diagnosis to now. Read more

Decipha: patient and parent stories

Decipha work face to face with families and offer a range of assessments and valuable support to boys with DMD and their families. Continue reading for a parent story about Decipha and more information from Nick, the founder of Decipha. Read more

Alex Johnson: What trial is Jack taking part in?

Alex is often asked whether Jack is taking part in a clinical trial, and if so, which one. Jack has recently enrolled into his fifth clinical trial. Read more

Dealing With Diagnosis

Robyn Pete - the day we took a hit that reshaped our lives. We didn't see it coming. Read more

Life as a Disabled Man: What is Normal Anyway?

Jon Hastie is 36 and lives with Duchenne Read more

Luca Buccella - We are the makers of our future

Luca's inspirational speech on living life to the full Read more

Hope For The Future

Lisa Kuwahld - raising money & awareness, fighting for her son to enjoy the future with him. Read more

Living In The Moment

Becky Burnett - how we have worked hard to find ways to keep our son happy, socially included and resilient. Read more