Gene Therapy Overview

An exciting new gene-based therapy on the horizon Read more

Soy Products

Our new research project aims to discover if and why a fermented soy product called Haelan 951 may help those with DMD. Read more

Repurposing Drugs

Already existing drugs developed for other conditions could be helpful to those with DMD Read more

Elastase inhibitors as a potential treatment for DMD

Duchenne UK is co-funding a study into the use of elastase inhibitors to treat the symptoms of DMD in partnership with Joining Jack and Charley's Fund. Read more

Solid Biosciences IGNITE DMD Clinical Trial

Solid Biosciences Gene Therapy Programme is currently in Phase I/II clinical trial for its investigational microdystrophin gene transfer for the treatment of Duchenne. Read more

Statins - Simvastatin

Duchenne UK partners with Solid Biosciences, to investigate the possible benefits of statins in patients. Can simvastatin reduce muscle damage and enhanced muscle function? Read more

Vamorolone (VBP15) - Steroid Alternative

ReveraGen are running the clinical trial for Vamorolone which could offer a potential alternative to steroids Read more

Correction Of DMD Mutations Using Genome Surgery

Professor Dickson explores the technique of gene editing - cutting out the mutations that cause DMD Read more

Peptide Generation (PepGen) project

Duchenne UK is pleased to announce its support of the development of the next generation of exon skipping drugs Read more

HT-100: A Drug To Treat Fibrosis And Inflammation

A clinical trial for an anti-inflammatory drug that could reduce the thickening of the muscles Read more

Summit Therapeutics Find New Biomarkers for DMD

Summit Therapeutics found new biomarkers for DMD that could lead to new drugs related to SMT C1100 Read more

Developing New Chemical Compounds to Target DMD

Discovering new follow-on compounds to increase utrophin levels more effectively than SMT C1100 Read more

Genome Editing To Repair DNA Duplications

Duplications in DNA can cause DMD. We are funding gene therapy research that aims to correct this. Read more

The Biological Process Of Muscle Fibre Death

The project investigates how muscle fibre cells die in DMD and looks at ways to prevent this Read more

Repairing The Stem Cells Of People With DMD

Stem cell and gene therapy combine in this new study which aims to repair muscle cells and tissue Read more

Discovering Biomarkers For Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

Professor Wood of Oxford University examines muscle tissue MicroRNAs to see if they are valid biomarkers for DMD. Read more

Funding Canadian based genome-editing technology CRISPR

We are supporting work on CRISPR, a gene correcting tool that is showing promise as a treatment for DMD Read more

Potential New Therapy to Treat Inflammation and Fibrosis

We fund a programme investigating if an exisiting compound can benefit DMD Read more