Duchenne UK grants £86,460 to further understand the causes of heart disease in DMD

Duchenne UK has granted £86,460 to Dr John Bourke at Newcastle Hospital, to carry out a study of Arrhythmias to improve understanding of the causes of heart disease in DMD.Read more

Duchenne UK commits $162,600 to support the development of a novel, minimally invasive biomarker to estimate lean muscle mass

Duchenne UK is pleased to be supporting this collaboration to look at developing biomarkers that may have the ability to help measure muscle health through blood and urine.Read more

Newcastle Information Day September 2018

On Saturday 22nd September 23 hosted our third FREE Parent and Caregiver Information Day, in Newcastle. The presentations from the day are now available to download at home.Read more

Duchenne UK grants £82,405 to investigate the development of a potential new test system for drugs that impact fibrosis in DMD

Duchenne UK is granting £82,405 to Dr Lee Borthwick and Professor Derek Mann at Newcastle University to develop a new test of potential medicines to treat fibrosis in DMD.Read more

New insights into muscle fibre loss in Duchenne muscular dystrophy

Professor Jenny Morgan and her team at UCL have shown that a type of cell death called necroptosis has an important role in Duchenne muscular dystrophy. This study helps improve our understanding of muscle fibre loss in Duchenne muscular dystrophyRead more

ReveraGen Announces First Patient Enrollment in International Pivotal Trial of Vamorolone in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

ReveraGen BioPharma announce initiation and first patient enrollment in clinical trial (VBP15-004) of vamorolone, a potential alternative to steroids.Read more

Patient Perspectives in DMD

We are doing some interviews on how Duchenne muscular dystrophy affects people and their lives, and, in particular, what aspects are most important in determining a good quality of life in people with DMD. The study will involve taking part in an interview with a researcher from the University of Sheffield. Email [email protected] for more information.Read more

Cheshire Dash raises more than £112,000 for Duchenne UK

The Cheshire Dash took place in July. It is a 2-day challenge where 90 cyclist rode 200 miles across the beautiful Cheshire countryside AND raised over £112,000 for Duchenne UK. A wonderful team from the Cheshire Flyers took part in the Duchenne Dash in 2017 and decided to join in our mission to End Duchenne and create the Cheshire Dash.Read more

VISION-DMD: Interview with Alex Johnson

Alex discusses with Vision-DMD how the charities have directly funded clinical trials and research projects, co-funded clinical trial staff, and supplied direct research grants. She also discusses how DMD Hub expands trial capacity in the UK and our work to combat delays in drugs reaching the patients, instigating Project Hercules.Read more


Sarepta have been asked by the FDA to put on temporary hold their clinical trial looking at the safety and efficacy of their gene therapy treatment. The Phase 1/2a clinical trial has been put on hold due to an 'out-of-specification production lot'. We have written a summary of their press release to help the Duchenne community better understand the situation.Read more