Donate a Day

This February, make your day count by Donating a Day to Duchenne UK!

Simply swap something you normally spend in a day for a donation, such as your daily coffee, commute, or Valentine's gift

Jack Johnson making a heart with his hands for donate a day Jack Johnson making a heart with his hands for donate a day

Donate a Day this February

Show some love this February by swapping a purchase for a donation to Duchenne UK!  

Make your day really count by skipping your daily coffee and donating the money instead to Duchenne UK. Working from home? Why not donate the cost of your usual commute. Skip the gifts and donate to Duchenne UK on behalf of someone special this Valentine’s day. You could even give a day’s salary and ask your employer for match funding. 

Every day counts for people living with Duchenne muscular dystrophy, a severe and progressive muscle-wasting disease diagnosed in childhood. Your donation will go towards funding research to help those affected live longer, more independent lives and supporting the families whose everyday lives are impacted by this complex condition.  

How to get involved

Not everyone wants to run a marathon or climb a mountain, but donating a day is something everyone can get involved in! Here are some ideas of what you could swap for a donation:

Share the love

What else could you go without this February to help bring an end to Duchenne?  

Once you’ve made your donation on our JustGiving page,  right click and save our Donate a Day social media posts below and post on your social media channels using the #DonateaDay hashtag. Then tag two friends and challenge them to donate their days too!

Together, we will end Duchenne. 

Published on 21 January 2022

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