Dr. Eric Hoffman

Dr. Hoffman is a human geneticist and translational researcher focused on neuromuscular disease, where he helps lead international collaborative efforts on drug development and clinical trials in muscular dystrophy. He received his PhD in Drosophila molecular genetics from Johns Hopkins University, then carried out a post-doctoral fellowship at Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School working on the identification of the DMD gene and protein. From 1990-1998 he led a lab at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine developing molecular diagnostics methods, gene identification, and gene therapy.

From 1998-2015, he was Director of the Center for Genetic Medicine Research at Children’s National Medical Center, and Professor and Chair of the Department of Integrative Systems Biology at George Washington University, both in Washington DC. There, he formed a large, interdisciplinary research group on neuromuscular diseases.

He recently transitioned to a mixed position, where he is Associate Dean of Research at SUNY Binghamton School of Pharmacy, co-founder and CEO of ReveraGen Biopharma (clinical-stage dissociative steroid drug development), and co-founder and Vice President of AGADA Biosciences (mouse efficacy trials). His research accomplishments include identification of the dystrophin protein, and defining its deficiency in DMD patient muscle, mdx mouse, dog and cat models. His lab identified initial voltage sensitive ion channel mutations in human diseases, and genetic causes of recurrent pregnancy loss. He is an inventor on nine patents, and has authored over 500 publications.

Published on 21 August 2017

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