Duchenne Dash stories

The story of the Duchenne Dash:

The Duchenne Dash started out as a little idea by Krishnan Guru-Murthy, who Emily used to work with at Channel 4 News, to help Eli.

Krishnan corralled riders from Channel 4 - including the Chairman and CEO, ITN, BBC, Channel 4 News, Sky, Google, including the CEO of Europe, and Santander. They raised an incredible £250,000 in that first year.

What started out as a little idea, has now grown into our most treasured, and most important fundraising event. This is our fifth year, an important milestone as we are now half way through our journey to END DUCHENNE IN TEN.

The last four Duchenne Dash’s have, between them, raised an incredible £1.7 million!

We wanted to share with you some stories from families taking part in the Dash, who are directly affected by Duchenne:

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Gareth's story


Published on 6 August 2017

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