End Duchenne in 10

Duchenne takes children away from their parents remorselessly. It is a form of Muscular Dystrophy that holds up boy toddlers from racing about as they should, and then to lose their mobility pre-teens and die prematurely. When we found out that our friends' son Eli was unfortunate enough to have this crippling disease we were left speechless.

Agreed that 10km is nothing - am clearly not fundraising for my efforts, but for a cause that is beyond heart-breaking. Eli is the same age as our son, and we would love him to have the same bright future ahead of him. Thanks to Emily & Nick's (and others') tireless effort there is genuine hope of a cure for Duchenne's which affects approximately 100,000 in the UK and x worldwide. Please help cure this crippling disease... please click play on picture above, the video below speaks volumes, and explains how Duchenne UK started.


Published on 23 June 2016

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