Fighting for their future

I am happily married for 9 years to Rachel. We have 3 healthy children aged 4,3 ad 1. I haven’t taken my health seriously over the last number of years, pretty overweight and generally unfit. Earlier this year Rachel and I decided that we were both going to get fit. We went on a strict diet and achieved good results. I started running 5K’s and the odd 10K and started enjoying the challenge. I mentioned to Rachel about entering the Dublin City Marathon and she was really supportive. We decided that if I was going to do it, it would be good to raise money for charity, to help the charity and for motivation. We discussed a lot of different charities that we could fundraise for but kept coming back to Duchenne Muscular Distrophy. Our friends gave a 14 year son with Duchenne and if raising funds by running a marathon increases his chances of longer life then it will be worth the challenge. #worldsstrongestboys.

Published on 12 July 2018

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