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Our story:

Lenny was diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy in September 2021 age three. It has been a life-changing and heart-breaking few months, we knew nothing about the condition and our focus now is to ensure Lenny has the best quality of life possible. DMD is a life-limiting condition which will cause his muscles to degenerate and stop functioning over time due to genetic mutation and lack of dystrophin that muscles need to strengthen and function. It has a significant impact on his life-expectancy, eventually impacting his heart and lung muscles but we are hopeful a cure can be found for Lenny and boys like him.

Life and Hope for Lenny

Lenny will turn four in March 2022 and will soon begin primary school; he understands that his muscles are poorly and that he can’t do certain things, he is eager to exercise in the ways he is allowed and loves to be outside. We have recently purchased a Tomcat Fizz Trike which has opened a world of opportunities for him, mainly being able to cycle as fast as possible with us running along behind him! We will continue to fundraise over the coming years – his next piece of equipment will be a wheelchair and the Trekinetic chair is our aim for the future. Having seen other boys who have Duchenne use this wheelchair has given us hope, and hope is something we desperately need during the difficult days.

For those of you who have met Lenny, he is a special little boy who is full of life, love, cheekiness, and laughter, and my world. We are holding onto hope for the equipment he will need and to the research and medical progress happening with Duchenne UK.

We will be fundraising for his future wheelchair and projects with Duchenne UK, please help to support us by sharing our story and donating where possible.

Thank you,

Kirsty, Ian, Lenny & Monty


Life and Hope for Lenny

Published on 30 September 2020

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