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My name is Nicki. I am a junior doctor, happily married to Matt, an IT consultant. We have been blessed with three wonderful children, Maddy, Gabe & Nate. The five of us are lucky enough to be living a healthy, happy and busy life in the heart of Leicestershire.

In 2014, we were devastated to find out that a young friend of ours, Tom, had been diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy.  I remembered the sadness I had felt as I learnt about DMD during my training. I remembered the harrowing feelings evoked by the privilege of caring for two teenage boys with advanced disease during my first hospital job. And I remembered, as a mum, feeling so grateful that I hadn’t had to face this catastrophic diagnosis within my own family. And I felt compelled to help. We spoke to Tom’s mum and she introduced us to the Duchenne Children’s Trust (Now Duchenne UK), then a relatively new charity, which had impressively already amassed more than £1m in their first year. And so began our ongoing drive to persuade people to part with their money for this very worthy cause. We have since undertaken marathons, long distance walks, cycle rides, swims and picnics, involving every member of the family.

We are fundraising for Duchenne UK, both because we know they will maximise every penny we raise, and because current research shows that a very significant breakthrough is literally around the corner. DMD has already been cured within the laboratory setting. It is only a matter of time until this success is replicated in clinics around the world. With enough funding, this disease can and will be beaten. And so, my family and I will continue to run our runs, walk our walks and swim, cycle or play our way to raising as much money as possible. And one day we will see these brave young boys given their future back. Of that, I am convinced.

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Published on 31 August 2020

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