TotallyMoney name us charity of the year

We at the Duchenne Children’s Trust are excited to announce that TotallyMoney.com have named us as their charity of the year. 

TotallyMoney is a credit comparison business set up in 2009 by online entrepreneurs Will Becker and Jonathan Hassid. 

Will Becker, Co-founder and Chairman said “We’re absolutely delighted to be helping DCT, it’s such an amazing charity: raising money for such an important cause and spending it so wisely and efficiently. We hope we can make a difference in DCT’s mission to end Duchenne in 10”. TotallyMoney will contribute a percentage of profits to DCT and staff are also organising or participating in other fund-raising events to raise money, with any funds raised being matched by the company. 

"The key factors that resonated about DCT were the importance of patient groups like DCT in funding research into Duchenne, the exciting progress that is being made in potential treatments, and the efficiency and low overheads of the charity itself," adds Becker.

TotallyMoney.com is a credit comparison business trying to improve consumers’ choice and usage of credit products. It operates its own credit comparison website at TotallyMoney.com but also powers other credit comparison services in the UK.  

Published on 3 November 2016

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