Working With Industry

We represent families and people living with Duchenne to Industry and make sure your voices are heard as we work towards shaping the current and future healthcare environment.

We share a common interest with Industry to help people living with Duchenne to receive timely and equitable access to medicines and therapies.

The key areas where we make an impact and influence Industry:

  • We increase awareness of Duchenne
  • We disseminate factual information about research, products and news to the Duchenne community
  • We educate Industry about the challenges facing families and people with Duchenne
  • We work to facilitate participation in clinical trials by building capacity at hospitals in the UK
  • We collaborate on projects to ensure the patient perspective is at the top of the agenda
  • We partner with small companies to fund early phase clinical work for new therapies

We work to keep relationships with Biotech and Pharma companies open, equitable and transparent.

Published on 3 August 2016

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