Alex's Duchenne Dash

We caught up with veteran dasher, Alex Matheson, to hear about why he's ridden in 10 dashes and to get his hot tips for fundraising and training.

This is Alex's Dash story.

10 Dashes and counting…

Family at the finish line

“The arrival in Paris is always the highlight! Right from my first year doing the dash with Emily on the back of the Passenger Bike shouting encouragement and the whistle-blowing motorbike outriders stopping the traffic, all the way up to last year’s dash arriving down the cobbles to the base of the Eiffel Tower to my wife, my nearly 80-year-old dad and the full Duchenne UK family.”

Tactical coffee stops are key

“My best training tip is to find the best coffee shops to stop at. Always try to aim for one that is upwind from where you start, that way after a revitalising coffee stop you will be returning home with the wind!”

My top fundraising tip

“Organise an event that people would like to come to anyway such as a dinner, dance or BBQ. Then take a small portion of the event to do a presentation to those who have come along. Duchenne UK has great videos that will provide a fantastic introduction. You can then talk about the wonderful work being done and the huge progress that is being made partly down to the money raised by The Dash. Don’t be afraid of the emotion; whilst pulling gently on the heartstrings you can do the same to the purse strings…”

All in it together

“What keeps me going during the tough sections of the ride is the wave of goodwill and enthusiasm of the other riders and all the support staff, as well as the enormous quantity of food supplied at every point along the way.”