Our advisory boards

Our advisory boards include expert scientists and families affected by DMD.

Together, they ensure that the money we raise has the greatest possible impact for the DMD community.

Lisa Kuwald and sons Lisa Kuwald and sons

Scientific advisory board

Our Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) is made up of some of the world's experts in Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD). They bring with them a wide range of essential skills and knowledge bases, including scientific, clinical and drug discovery & development. When scientists come to us with their ideas for new research projects, it is the SAB who apply their experience and expertise to test these ideas, helping to refine them if necessary, in order that Duchenne UK can make informed decisions on funding.  We want to fund great science - projects that can improve our knowledge base, treatments that can reach the clinic and improve the lives of people with DMD - our SAB is a crucial part of this work.

Patient advisory board

Patient and parent involvement is at the heart of Duchenne UK. We believe that patients should be at the heart of drug development. Our Patient Advisory Board (PAB) is made up of parents of children and young adults of different ages, who advise and give feedback on the projects we are considering for funding.

Development Board

Our Development Board is composed of committed donors, called Founding Patrons. Founding Patrons support us in our fundraising goals through donations, corporate support, connections and advice. 

The role of the Development Board is to help Duchenne UK secure regular income, which gives us the freedom to commit funds on a repeat basis to the most promising projects. With this security, leading scientists and doctors can spend less time chasing funding, and more time in research and drug development.

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