Our work

We take an innovative and sharply focused approach to fighting Duchenne muscular dystrophy from every angle.

This involves four key areas of work: funding groundbreaking medical research, accelerating access to treatments, improving lives through technology, and ensuring everyone in the DMD community is given the care and support they need.

Oscar raising arms Oscar raising arms
A researcher with a pipette and test tube

Funding medical research

Our approach is sharply focused on advancing the most promising medical research for Duchenne muscular dystrophy. We want to get treatments into clinics and to patients as quickly as possible. We therefore actively seek out research projects that could benefit this generation of patients.

Accelerating access to treatments

Funding research alone is not enough. We proactively invest in every stage of the drug development timeline, overcoming roadblocks in the way of getting treatments to patients.

By working with industry, policymakers and regulators, and funding the doctors and nurses needed to run clinical trials, we’re changing the entire landscape of Duchenne research.

Supporting the DMD community

Our boys and men, and rare girls, living with DMD are at the heart of everything we do. We understand the daily struggles that families face and are here to support them from the point of diagnosis and beyond.

We also collaborate with clinicians and the NHS to ensure that people living with DMD receive the best possible care through the DMD Care UK project.

Joey Dream Chair

Improving lives through technology

Technology is constantly developing, yet the tools available to help disabled people live independent lives are outdated. We are harnessing innovation to give people living with muscle-wasting conditions like DMD a better quality of life.

Who we are

Alex Johnson & Emily Corssley, co-founders of Duchenne UK Alex Johnson & Emily Corssley, co-founders of Duchenne UK

Our team & trustees

Meet the staff, volunteers, trustees and patrons that make up Duchenne UK.

Our team and trustees Our team and trustees
Valeria - Science Advisory Board member Valeria - Science Advisory Board member

Advisory boards

All of our funding decisions are informed by both expert scientists and families affected by DMD.

Advisory boards Advisory boards
Jack Johnson with rugby player Owen Farrell doing the 'JJ' salute Jack Johnson with rugby player Owen Farrell doing the 'JJ' salute

Charity partners

We collaborate with other charities and support groups working to end Duchenne.

Our partners Our partners

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