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Our new project to improve diet and nutrition for people with DMD

Duchenne UK is pleased to announce the funding of a project to drive better care for nutrition and weight management in Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD).

The project is led by Dr Jarod Wong, consultant paediatric endocrinologist at the Royal Hospital for Children, Glasgow. The aim is to develop guidance and materials to support better diet and nutritional management in boys with DMD and to gather evidence, through research, of the impact of steroids on weight.

Need for support with diet and nutrition

Weight gain is a serious health complication, common in DMD. It can be caused not only by limited physical activity after the loss of ambulation (walking), but also by the long-term use of steroids. This can lead to obesity, which has a major impact on cardiac and respiratory function, mental health and quality of life.

Lack of diet and nutrition support in current DMD care

There is currently no nationally agreed guidance on diet and nutritional management for the care of people with DMD and it is rarely included in clinical management in the UK. There is also a lack of resources and guidance for DMD diet and nutritional management.

This is despite the need for better diet and nutritional management in people with DMD being recognised. The current international standards of care for DMD recommend that a registered dietician should assess nutritional status and create a specific nutritional plan. However, this rarely happens in the UK.

Project Aims

The project will have five strands that aim to increase understanding of diet and nutritional needs in DMD so that guidance and resources can be developed.

Understanding diet and nutritional needs

Developing diet and nutrition guidance and resources

Dr Jarod Wong

“I am extremely grateful to Duchenne UK for their significant funding into this multi-disciplinary (involving collaborators from Glasgow, Liverpool, Birmingham and Melbourne) multi-phase project with tangible and immediate impact on weight management in young people with DMD - an area of significant concern for families and clinicians. Moving forward, we aim to develop further research into nutritional education, standardized ways of assessing metabolic abnormalities, and treatment of significant obesity in young people with DMD, beyond this project. ”

Alex Johnson, co-founder of Duchenne UK and Chief Executive of Joining Jack

“We have been aware for a long time of the concerns of families about the lack of direct and relevant nutritional advice, despite the very real concerns about obesity in DMD as a result of steroids and the ability of boys to be active.”

Lisa Kuhwald, from Team Felix

“Increasing understanding of diet and nutritional needs in DMD is very important, particularly as there is currently no nationally agreed guidance on diet and nutritional management in the care of people with DMD. Team Felix is proud to support this initiative that will address this issue and meet this need.”

Community support for project

The need for and importance of the project is reflected in the wide range of donors who are helping fund and support it.

The following charities have been instrumental in helping this project to happen: Joining Jack, Alex’s Wish, and the Family and Friends Funds: Backing Jack, Help Harry, Jack’s Misson, Jacobi’s Wish, Project GO, Smile with Shiv, Team Felix and Access to Life.

Published on 10 November 2023

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