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Make a donation this December to help fund life-changing research into Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) and give people living with DMD and their families the most precious gift of all, hope.

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Why get involved?

Owen and George Ohly were both diagnosed with DMD in July 2017. It left their parents Kirsty and Nick devastated – but they fought back by raising tens of thousands of pounds for Duchenne UK through their Project GO family fund.

“Like all kids, Owen and George are counting the days till Santa arrives. But the best present they can have is the gift of hope. Please support Duchenneber by giving what you can”.

DMD is a severe muscle-wasting disease. It is the most common and severe form of muscular dystrophy, usually diagnosed in early childhood.

There is currently no effective treatments or cure, but there is hope.

Duchenne UK is going further to find effective treatments for DMD and end its devastating impact. We’re doing it faster, too, by accelerating access to these treatments and therapies for this generation of patients. 

Give the gift of hope to families affected by DMD this festive season and together, we will end Duchenne.

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How you can help

Follow and share! 
Follow Duchenne UK on Instagram and Facebook. We will be posting more festive pictures throughout December. 

If your child and their siblings would like to feature, or if you are planning a festive fundraiser for Duchenneber, we would love to know more. Send your pictures to [email protected] or tag us in your social posts using @DuchenneUK and #Duchenneber. 

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Help fund life-changing research

You can support people living with DMD this December by making a donation to fund groundbreaking DMD research.