A Duvet Day of colouring, crafts and lots of fun at Finn’s nursery

Finn, who has DMD, had great fun on his Duvet Day at his nursery.

His mum, Katie Combes, shares how Castle Lane Day Nursery organised a wonderful day for Finn and his friends.

A special day for Finn and his friends


His nursery was fantastic

“We reached out to his nursery and told them about the campaign and asked if they would consider having a duvet day and they really went for it. 

“The whole nursery took part.

Activities Finn enjoys

“Everyone wore pyjamas and they did low impact, relaxing activities all day which were all centred around Finn’s interests and abilities, including yoga and stretching and mindfulness.

“They also made chocolate crispie cakes, did colouring and crafts and finished by watching The Gruffalo with movie snacks and enjoyed a special chocolate milkshake.

Finn and his friends loved it

“It was a big hit with the kids and Finn really enjoyed a day centred around his favourite relaxing activities!

“Finn loved it and so did his friends.

Raising funds to support the DMD community

“Kids, parents and staff made a voluntary donation suggested £1 each for the day. We were overwhelmed by how generous they were! 

“It’s a great and easy to support campaign.”

Why don't you organize a Duvet Day?

They are a great way to raise vital funds for our work and crucial awareness of DMD