HT-100: A Drug To Treat Fibrosis And Inflammation

Our Partnership

We co-funded pre-clinical work on HT-100, an orally available, small molecule that is being developed to reduce fibrosis and inflammation in DMD patients. The compound progressed into a Phase 1/2 Clinical trial in the United States, with the bio-tech, Akashi Therapeutics, to assess the safety and tolerability of HT-100.

The trial is currently suspended, after one of the patients enrolled in the study, tragically died. 

Akashi is conducting a thorough investigation, and intends to restart the trial, once investigations are complete.

In a statement, the company said; "It is with great sorrow that we share that the brave young man who was experiencing serious, life-threatening health issues has passed away.  We offer our deepest condolences to his family and loved ones.  Akashi has initiated a comprehensive investigation, beginning with detailed data reviews and in vitro studies, to evaluate the extent to which the patient’s health issues are related to HT-100 and/or to other factors. We will share updates as we reach conclusions in the investigation".

For more information, please visit Akashi's website:


Published on 3 November 2016

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