Oli's Duchenne Dash

Oli Cock took part in his first Dash back in 2016. Since then, he's taken part every year, including the 2020 Dash AT HOME and the 2021 Goodwood Dash, and will be riding his 7th Dash this year.

This is Oli's Dash story.

An inspiring cause

“Why did you decide to do the Duchenne Dash? I did my first Dash in 2016, partly because I was looking for a new physical challenge, and partly because I was inspired by the sheer willpower of Emily and Alex in setting up Duchenne UK to tackle the disease and I wanted to help. Little did I know then that it would become an ongoing passion and commitment for me!”

Start slowly and build up

“Training really kicks in from January and I do short rides on an indoor bike and weather permitting, a longer outdoor ride at the weekend. I gradually increase the frequency over the coming months. I aim to have done around 1000 miles in total before the Dash itself (a bit harder since the date got moved forward a month!).”

“My key tip would be its time in the saddle that counts, and for first-time Dashers don’t think of it as 190 miles – think of it as 6 approximately 30 mile rides – that just happen to be back to back!”

Participating in the Dash

“Fun, invigorating, and with an amazing sense of camaraderie. The organisation and the support crew is absolutely phenomenal, you feel completely looked after from start to finish. The best bit is undoubtedly the final push to Paris where everyone comes together in a 160-strong peloton to ride into Paris and up the Champs Elysee. Never fails to get the emotions pumping.”

You should do it to

“It is one of the most inspirational and humbling things you are ever likely to do. Not only will you have a great sense of achievement in completing the ride, but the sense of knowing you have helped change lives and futures is something that will never go away.”