Pete's Duchenne Dash

Pete Williams is a veteran Duchenne dasher who has ridden for over 10 years. Pete shares his highs from past years, and some handy tips that will help you prepare for the Dash.

This is Pete's Dash story.

Come rain or shine

“I particularly loved the 4am hailstorm at Dieppe passport control the year we’d just Brexited when the French border police wanted to scrutinise every single passport very carefully. Just one of the many, many gifts Brexit has bestowed upon us.”

Spin for the win

“If you can’t get out on your bike for some long rides, do some spin classes. They are very, very effective, for the hills in particular.”

Use what’s already available

“See if you can get an opportunity to speak at a Town Hall meeting at your workplace about the Dash and the charity. A lot of people have never heard of Duchenne muscular dystrophy as it’s a rare disease. Once they hear the full story (and watch one of Emily and Alex’s amazing films) people engage and get on board very quickly.”

A cause too important to give on  

“What keeps me going through tough parts of the ride? It’s a bit of a cliché maybe, but the cause is just too important to give up on. But also, the first cold can of Kronenburg to hit your lips under the Eiffel Tower is the best taste sensation you’ll ever have.”