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We are in a race against time to give people with Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) a better future.

But with your help, we know we can do just that.

Your donations help fund research to develop new technology, drugs, treatments and projects that improve the lives of people with DMD and their families.

What your donations have made possible

Where your money goes

Your money helps us to fight DMD from every angle, from tackling the route of the disease and treating its symptoms, to developing life-changing technology and ensuring everyone gets the best level of care.

Our four main areas of work are:

  • funding and facilitating groundbreaking medical research
  • accelerating access to treatments
  • improving lives through technology
  • ensuring everyone in the DMD community is given the care and support they need

Who your money helps

After Ezra was diagnosed with DMD in 2023 when he was three years old, his family started regular giving to fund new treatments and improve care not only for Ezra, but for everyone with DMD.

“We give a regular donation to Duchenne UK because of the leading role they play in advancing medical research for children with Duchenne muscular dystrophy and their continuous commitment to helping the families of children with DMD, through the improvement of access to the latest news, treatments, technology and support.” – Ezra’s parents

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