Richard Parton's Duchenne Dash

Since Richard Parton became involved with the Dash in 2017, he has bought a team along with him each year. He has introduced 65 people to the Dash and between them they have cycled thousands of miles and raised tons of money to help end Duchenne, and Richard has also provided support from LXA for the Dash for free.

This is Richard's Dash story.

Why I decided to do the Duchenne Dash

“I was at school with Dan Crossley, who is Emily’s brother in law and Eli’s uncle. It’s a great cause and I needed to get fit so I bought a bike, signed up with a group of friends and haven’t stopped since!”


“My training is, at best, sporadic! You do have to train and the more you do the more fun the ride is! I am now very much into an annual cycle of getting the bike out in March (well maybe April) doing as much as I can pre the event and then putting it away again afterwards! 

“Tips for training are to find people to cycle with that you have to meet and ride together. That way you get out of bed and go because otherwise you are letting someone else down!

“For non cyclists, entering Sportives (organised cycling events) in the UK are also really good as it forces you to do the distance you have entered for and they are fully supported with rest stops.”

Arriving in Paris

“It’s a totally incredible event, flawlessly organised. Everyone that has done it before is of the same opinion bar none.

“From the moment you arrive at the start and get the pre start briefing it’s a buzz of emotions and adrenaline.

“It’s the coming together of a large group of people with a common aim to help end Duchenne and riding to Paris with parents and family members of those affected along with Doctors and researchers is both an honour and a great privilege.”

Richard's top three fundraising tips are

  1. It’s a numbers game, so if you organise an event like a quiz that you fill a room with 100 or more people you will raise a lot of money very quickly – this also take some of the stress out of it as you can raise most of your target in a single go. Everyone is happy to have a good night out and pay say £30 over the course of an evening to such a worthy course so the more you pack in the more you raise! You can even do a work one and then a friends one and you will find yourself hitting the target easier than you think. Go organise something!
  2. Group all your friends and family into hit lists and keep at them. They will ALL sponsor you they are just ALL very busy and forget so keep a list and keep reminding them every now and then they haven’t sponsored you and they will! Friends and family are the easy quick wins but it will take some chasing to get them all to remember and do it. Get some banter going in the groups and embarrasses the ones that still haven’t sponsored you yet!
  3. Use social media effectively! Take a photo of yourself and your bike at the top of a hill in the rain early in the morning and get it out there! Pull a really tried and hurt expression to boot! People connect to this and they will sponsor you. Every year I still get completely random friends from way back in the past suddenly sponsor and it all adds up.