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Royal Approval on International Women's Day!

The Queen Consort (formerly HRH The Duchess of Cornwall) has applauded our Director of Research, Dr Alessandra Gaeta for her leadership of our SMART Suit project.

Alessandra joined Duchenne UK two years ago. As well as overseeing our extensive medical research programme, she has been instrumental in guiding Duchenne UK into the field of technology.

To celebrate International Women’s Day, The Queen Consort, recognised Alessandra in a group of inspirational women she has recently met, paying the following tribute:

Dr. Alessandra Gaeta, Director of Research at Duchenne UK

“Dr Alessandra Gaeta, Director of Research at Duchenne UK, has led a female team of specialists to create the “Smart Suit”, a wearable device designed to restore independence and dignity to those who are impacted by the loss of upper body function caused by Duchenne muscular dystrophy, allowing patients to perform basic tasks, such as brushing their teeth, feeding themselves and hugging family members.”

The Smart Suit recently appeared on national television – modelled by Eli Crossley and Alex Hallam. If you missed it – you can watch it here.

Emily Reuben, CEO of Duchenne UK said:

“Alessandra is a vital part of our team, and we are so proud that her work has been recognised by The Queen Consort. We are also very grateful for The Queen Consort’s support for Duchenne UK – Her Majesty has been one of our most steadfast ambassadors since we began the fight to end Duchenne.

“We are also incredibly proud of the SMART Suit and very grateful for the support of the players of the People’s Postcode Lottery. We are determined to ensure our community reaps the benefits of the technology revolution.”

Published on 8 March 2023

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