If your child has recently been diagnosed with DMD, you’re likely to be feeling grief-stricken and overwhelmed. As DMD parents, we know how tough it is to hear this news.

We want to help you cope with the diagnosis and plan your child’s care. So, we’ve produced a set of resources that we hope will help you:

The folder includes information about DMD and how you can look after your child, your family and yourself. It will help you protect their health, manage their education and make the most of life.

Understanding your child’s condition will empower you and give you back a sense of control. And it will help you lobby for your child and get them the best possible care. 

You may have already received a folder from your neuromuscular consultant, especially if they are part of the North Star Network. If not, each family in the UK can request one folder by filling in the form below.

For those outside of the UK, each chapter is available for download from our website.

If possible, please make a donation to cover the cost of producing the folder DONATE HERE

Please be assured we are taking precautions against COVID-19 when sending the folderIt is thought that COVID-19 can only survive on books for up to 5 days and on plastic surfaces for up to 72hours, so if you still have concerns, you should leave the package for 5 days before opening.